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Menerima Perbaikan/ Service semua Type dan Merk UPS
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Registration Date:Nov. 09, 2008
Last Updated:Oct. 09, 2013
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Energy category

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Welcome to UPS and Batteries Shop

Whatever battery You needs, We will be ready to help procure

1. Forklift Batteries
Some international-scale company has been bound by the standards set out in the transport vehicle usage in the room. One of them is the use of Electrical Forklift or HandLift. These transport vehicles using the main energy source is a battery so as to avoid the noise and smoke as the oil-fueled vehicles.
our company provide Forklift batteries of various sizes, types, and brands. Chloride, MIDAC, and Rocket is a brand of forklift batteries is quite popular.

2. SLA or VRLA Batteries
Commonly called the dry battery in the market, the function of this battery very much. some equipment that use this battery are:
-Electric Vehicle ( electric bikes, electric wheelchairs, toys)
-BTS telecom,
-Solar Cell System,
-Control panels power backup,

The market has many outstanding dry batteries with various types and brands, among others:
-GS Portalac
-Ritar Etc.

3. Battery Pack
The battery pack is usually used for devices such as cordless phones on planes, toys, batteries, laptops / netbooks and other small appliances. Brand is widely available is the Panasonic. laptop battery pre order to adjust the required type

4. Batteries Coin / Button Cell
Batteries are widely used for small electronic equipment, such as watches, MOS battery, remote control and much more. including brand Maxell, Sony, Cyclon.

5. Batteries AA, AAA, 9V
These batteries are very common and widely used in everyday life. Available brands include: Alkaline, Energizer, Panasonic, Sanyo Eneloope.

6. Deep Cycle Batteries
These batteries have the power charge and discharge rates. is suitable for electric vehicles such as golf cars, car airport transportation, cleaning equipment. brands that are available are TROJAN

more information about battery You needs please contact us or send an email to: ups_batre@ yahoo.com

Eventually we could try to help solve problems
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